Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mentos-Coke Explosion

Okay, so I was given a liter of Coke and one Mentos for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and was told that all I needed to do was put it in the bottle and it would explode. I've never heard of this experiment, much less seen it done, so I tried it.
The Coke bottle was opened and I dropped the Mentos inside. Guess what happened next? The spray didn't go higher than 6 inches. Sad...., I know!
We did record it, but it's to sad to see again, so I'll just let you imagine my failure. ;)
It wasn't until afterwards that everyone told me how it's suppose to be done. If you have only one bottle of Coke and one Mentos: Take the lid off and push the Mentos into the lid; Twist the lid back on and shake vigorously; Place on the pavement and let it explode. It's quite the show, from what I hear.
But you can take a look at these sites and see for yourself. Some of these people have gotten paid tons of money to do this. I'm pretty impressed, actually.

This is how it's suppose to be done.

Do you want to try this?

This is amazing and crazy!!! How it's done!

Full show:

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Transporting Livestock.....

Is it just me, or are goats more on the transit paths?
I went to Colorado over the last week and I saw a number of goats in the back of trucks. I was lucky to get this picture when I was getting gas.
It was funny, cause the guy that was driving the truck saw me with my phone, but he didn't know I was taking the picture. I said hi and I think he thought I was flirting. (He was an older Navaho man.) He even tried to wash my windshield. I laughed and enjoyed the goats. They seemed content to travel around in the back of the truck.
It was funny.
Goats in a truck..... Could that be the name of a new food?

Laughing Yet?

Laughing Yet?