Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Charlie bit my finger - again !

This is the cutest video. I could not stop laughing when I first saw it. The little boy's accent is so cute. Charlie is almost as big as the boy. Enjoy.

Cheescake Factory

Last night I went with a friend, Heather, and a bunch of our other friends to the Cheesecake Factory in Salt Lake City, for her (Heather's) birthday bash. It's a very popular restaurant and a couple of us went up an hour early just to wait in line. It was really busy. I didn't know how popular it was. I've only heard about it. I had no idea that they served anything other than cheesecake. Boy, was I mistaken!!! The menu is almost 20 pages long. (Lots of advertising.) There are two pages just for cheesecake, though. And I have to admit that the cheesecake was really good.

So, a funny thing happened to me while I was there.

As many of you know, I like to give servers a hard time when I go out to eat. When I'm with family, it's different, because my Dad takes care of that, so I don't feel a need to hassle them. But I usually am over polite to them to make up for the rudeness from my Dad. (He likes things the way he asks for them. There is nothing wrong with that.) Well....our server for the evening was really cute. I think his name is Corey. There were 12 people in our party, so he had a lot to do. But from the get go, I was giving him a hard time, but he was giving it right back... I was having fun. Then came the big mishap. He put my order in wrong and I didn't get any food. I didn't want any soup or salad, cause then I wouldn't enjoy my meal. We waited for a while just to get our food the first round, so you can imagine how long it took me to get my food. I had him put it in a box. I played tetris and even called a few friends. Then came the funny part. He came over to apologize (I had given him a really hard time about it... But it was all very sarcastic) and to tell me that he had gotten my cheesecake for free. It was the cheaper of the two. Oh, I forgot to tell you where I was sitting (it is key to the story). My back was to him when he came to take our order/fill drinks/ect.... So when he came to tell me this great news, I was so happy, that I took his face in both my hands and scared him and about half our group. I did it so quickly and with my positioning, it looked like I was about to kiss him, but I didn't. It was a hoot. Poor guy. I felt so bad. I still feel bad. I couldn't leave a big tip, cause they calculate the tip into it before giving the receipt, but I would have. But I left a nice note (just a note and not my number. How lame do you think I am?)(Don't answer that.) It was exciting and we were laughing so much. I needed to have a good time with everything going on in my life.
About the food. Even though I had to take my food home with me, I was able to get a few bites and it wasn't that bad. I got a buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and a caramel pecan turtle cheesecake. The chicken was kindof dry. I don't think I'll ever go there again. It was so expensive and the food wasn't really worth that much money. I did try the avocado egg rolls as an appetizer and they were really good.
Oh, and it was freezing. If you go, take a lite jacket to keep you warm.

All in all I had a good time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Job

A few of you have been asking me what I do at my job, so I thought I'd let you see what it is that I'm making. And if you would like more details please go too the web site and check it out.The projection screens are inflatable. As you can see, this one is floating on a pool. From the size of the fence behind it, you can guess how big it is. These will definitely make your "pool" party a lot different with a screen that doesn't float on the pool.

We make a lot of different sizes. This one is specially made. (Who recognizes where this is....?)

The new place I'm moving to has a huge back yard. I'm planning on doing a movie party in the backyard. Hopefully it'll won't get to rowdy, but no promises. I believe this is the smallest size we make. Pretty cool, huh?

So.............any more questions?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol...I've decided to stay in Utah...

I know it's a random picture of Carly and Randy, but I really liked the one of Carly and I didn't have time to edit out Randy, so you get them both.
I was shocked that she got kicked off. I thought that she was fantastic this week. I didn't like her song choice, but she had an amazing vocal performance.
It was almost like re-living the moment Michael left the group. What a shocker!!!!

Although, I don't think anyone is happier then me to see Kristy leave. My roommate was looking online found the site that rallies all the anti-American Idolers and they choose the contestant that is the worst and they all vote for that person. It has been Kristy ever since that one long haired femmy guy was on. So it makes sense why it took so long to get her kicked off.

But now I can see what a big deal the voting is. It feels like voting for roles of the Senior class in the HS year book all over again. Sometimes the ones that deserve the great ones don't get picked because they're not the most popular.
Well, that's what I have to say about that....

I'm staying in Utah. I found a place in Lehi and will be moving there on the 1st of May. I'm excited to stay here, but in every change there is worry and fear. But I've decided to be happy and not be bothered by the bitterness of life's challenges.

I do have a full time job sewing blow-up projection screens. It's really interesting and I've been enjoying it. Originally it was going be just a part-time job, but room opened up for it to become a full-time position. My hours are really flexible, so if I get enough money saved up, I'll go back and finish school, and it will help out with being able to do the JP business on the side. I'm excited for the rest of the year and to see what other things life has to offer.

I am still going to try to do the car delivery service, cause it looks interesting and fun and my other job will allow me to do it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where do I go from here...

Last week, our landlord emailed me and said he would be raising our rent. Our contract is done in September, and the change won't happen till then, but he gave us the option of moving out before that date, without being a breach in contract.
I thought it would be easier to leave earlier, and it is, but a lot of complications have arisen because of it.
We will be moving out by May 26th. So 5 girls have to find a place to live before then.

I'm trying to decide if I should just move home to Colorado, or stay in Utah. I got two job offers that allow me to travel a lot, so paying rent would be a waste. Moving to Colorado would be the most logical of all choices.

Although there are two main reasons to stay in Utah. 1. I can still be an ordinance worker in the temple. (But I would have to stay in the Timpanogas Temple District to stay there), but I wouldn't be able to do one of the jobs I was offered, and 2. I would still be close to my Grandma.
Staying in Utah would also grant me a larger social life, but it's not like it's really been very big these last couple of months anyways.
Going to Colorado would allow so much freedom. I would be able to live in my Grandpa's old house, so I would have my own place. I would not have to pay rent, but I would probably pay some sort of utility bill. I would be able to come and go as I please and I'd be able to help out my dad with a few of the projects he's started.

So all in all it feels like my choice is made to go to Colorado.

I need to make the decision now. I'll be able to do what I need to do when I make my decision, but it is leaning more towards moving to Colorado.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My American Idol Breakdown

Below is only my opinions. Enjoy. Anna thanks for yours!
1. David is so original. He takes risks that pay off, but the thing that really gets me is that he plays his guitar left handed. Most people who are left handed still learn the guitar traditionally, with the right hand. He's given so much thought to his music and I have loved every single one of his performances. Even though this week didn't go as well as his previous weeks, I think the "give back" he wrote on his hand gave it that extra kick that he needed. He's a Rock Start to me already. I secretly have a crush on him....!

2. Jason has a sound that calms me. I would definitely buy one of his CDs for the sound. He's got some mannerisms that have only started to bug, but if I close my eyes, I can drift into a magical world where life is great and peaceful. I know he won't go to the top two, but he is my 2nd most favorite.


3. David is so cute. From the get go he has impressed me. I love his voice. Oh my goodness, he has a great voice. I fear that his youth is getting striped from him because of this competition. I wish he would have at least waited till after he graduated high school till trying out. I think he will go far. He's inspiring in every song he's sung. You can't help feeling for him even when he forgets the words. Just don't grow up to fast.


4. What a voice. When they announced the top 12, my hopes were not high for the women in the competition. I am also scared for Carly, cause she's starting to sing in a way that is easily forgettable. I hope she steps it up a notch and pulls through to at least the top 4, but my hopes are really high for that. She's got some issues with squatting when she sings. I wonder if it really helps her to get the notes out. Who knows. It would make me have to pee like none other.....


5. I think Michael's best performance was in Hollywood week. He's got potential, but I really don't think he's going to win this one. His accent is nice. I'm just not a big fan of his voice. His personality gives him a lot of popularity. I do hope he gets a record deal. If I like his CD, I'll buy it.


6. Brooke is a sweetheart. I agree with Anna on the modesty factor. Although I could wish for longer skirts/dresses in some of her choices. I would choose Brooke as the winner solely on personality cause she is great. She's also so beautiful. How can you go wrong with having her as a friend. As to her singing talent. I'm not a big fan. I feel like she is so timid/scared/shy, that it's holding her back. I'm waiting for her to let go and really sing it. I love her, but I don't think she's going to win.


7. She's beautiful and has a great voice. I don't like her at all. I think her acting experience has given her a slight "fake" quality. I wish she would give her songs more of a heartfelt quality. She's just going through the motions of what she thinks people want. I think that's in her training. Hopefully she can change her singing to become something that shows who she is. Stop putting on a show Syesha and sing like no one is watching.


8. Can America not hear that she's off during at least one part in every song she sings? She should have been one of the first one's kicked off. How did she make it this long. Does she know how to do anything else but tap her foot and hold out her arm when she sings. She's so stiff. Loosen up and get some real voice lessons. She is very pretty and I love the tom-boy aspect about her, but this is proof that this competition is based more on popularity then singing talent. The only thing I thought she sang well was her initial tryout when she sang 'Amazing Grace'. The only song she did well.


I know that was a bit much for me to post my opinions of American Idol two days in a row, but I was inspired by my friend Anna's comments on yesterday's diatribes. If you want a slightly different opinion on this season's top 8 contestants, please check out Anna's comments from my post yesterday.
I'll probably post again tomorrow about who got kicked off, if it isn't Kristy. She really needs to go home.
Happy days. Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol

I have never (including this year) watched every episode of a season of American Idol.

Although this year I have been following the contestants more than ever.

Actually, I need to confess something. I voted tonight!!!
I know, I know, I'm crazy.... but one performance did stand out to me more than the others so I voted. It was really easy, and I don't have to worry about long distance numbers cause it is a toll free number I called.

I'm a big fan of David Cook. I hope he wins. But tonight I didn't vote for him. My favorite performance was Jason Castro's. (I don't think I spelt his last name right!)

Let me know who you like and if you've ever voted.
I'm not going to be ashamed that I have. Give me as much grief as you want... I won't feel bad.

I loved this picture and couldn't help but post it. I'm sure many people feel like tying up Simon. Although I'd like to see Paula in that chair more and more lately.

Laughing Yet?

Laughing Yet?