Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Job

A few of you have been asking me what I do at my job, so I thought I'd let you see what it is that I'm making. And if you would like more details please go too the web site and check it out.The projection screens are inflatable. As you can see, this one is floating on a pool. From the size of the fence behind it, you can guess how big it is. These will definitely make your "pool" party a lot different with a screen that doesn't float on the pool.

We make a lot of different sizes. This one is specially made. (Who recognizes where this is....?)

The new place I'm moving to has a huge back yard. I'm planning on doing a movie party in the backyard. Hopefully it'll won't get to rowdy, but no promises. I believe this is the smallest size we make. Pretty cool, huh?

So.............any more questions?

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jenn said...

umm... it looks like a lot of fun! well i love and miss you like crazy! (: we so need to catch up! (:

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