Thursday, April 24, 2008

American Idol...I've decided to stay in Utah...

I know it's a random picture of Carly and Randy, but I really liked the one of Carly and I didn't have time to edit out Randy, so you get them both.
I was shocked that she got kicked off. I thought that she was fantastic this week. I didn't like her song choice, but she had an amazing vocal performance.
It was almost like re-living the moment Michael left the group. What a shocker!!!!

Although, I don't think anyone is happier then me to see Kristy leave. My roommate was looking online found the site that rallies all the anti-American Idolers and they choose the contestant that is the worst and they all vote for that person. It has been Kristy ever since that one long haired femmy guy was on. So it makes sense why it took so long to get her kicked off.

But now I can see what a big deal the voting is. It feels like voting for roles of the Senior class in the HS year book all over again. Sometimes the ones that deserve the great ones don't get picked because they're not the most popular.
Well, that's what I have to say about that....

I'm staying in Utah. I found a place in Lehi and will be moving there on the 1st of May. I'm excited to stay here, but in every change there is worry and fear. But I've decided to be happy and not be bothered by the bitterness of life's challenges.

I do have a full time job sewing blow-up projection screens. It's really interesting and I've been enjoying it. Originally it was going be just a part-time job, but room opened up for it to become a full-time position. My hours are really flexible, so if I get enough money saved up, I'll go back and finish school, and it will help out with being able to do the JP business on the side. I'm excited for the rest of the year and to see what other things life has to offer.

I am still going to try to do the car delivery service, cause it looks interesting and fun and my other job will allow me to do it.


Anna said...

I wonder how many anti-AI voters there are? That is so much effort to watch something you dislike so much just to know what number to call that week. Or maybe it isn't about disliking the show.

I thought it was a shock that Carly left this week. She had a great performance. She's always been on the outside. She's good but...hmmm, maybe not original, or that she's predictable. If I were to vote, I don't think I'd think to vote for her. She is good though. I don't prefer her quite songs...

Ok, talking about something else, sort of. My favorite part of elimination was Brooke's face. (BTW she is now the anti-AI target.) She's thrown in the towel. Come on Brooke! Go out on a good performance! Do you want a career in music or what?
(Thank you for letting me do my AI venting on your blog.)

Now to you. That sounds like a change. So will you be with different roomies too or did you all move together? Hmmm. I have a lot of questions. We need to talk!

Anna said...

Sorry if that didn't make sense. I'm really tired.

The Pagets in Florida said...

congratulations on the new job

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