Friday, January 29, 2010

REVIEW: Planet 51

Planet 51
released November 20, 2009

An interesting story with humans being the aliens to those who live on, what we call "Planet 51".

Click on the title to a link with a detailed explanation of the film.

I liked it, but it made the human astronaut look incompetent and that our future with first contact of an alien species will be met with someone who got the job because of his looks and nothing else.  It was very disheartening.  

I did enjoy the flow of the film and the personalities of the main characters.  
It was interesting how the planet is based in a time that is similar to our 1950s.  The fact that they have the technology to have floating cars makes me wonder, but every species evolves in different ways.  

I loved their circular designs for everything on their planet.  I would love a house like that.  The burgers on the grill are floating.  Another thing is that it rains rocks instead of rain.  Interesting.  

Watch it at least once with the kids and they will get a kick out of it.  It would be a great teaching tool for anyone to not be so prejudice of anyone we don't understand.  They may become a better friend to you than anyone of your own race/species.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

REVIEW: The Blind Side

The Blind Side
released November 20, 2009

I loved, loved, loved this film.  AMAZING!  

Sandra Bullock has played many roles, even one who made me cry in The Proposal, but this has to be my all time favorite.

The saying, "A picture says a thousand words" this movie poster makes a STATEMENT.  Not only is this film based on a true story, it will touch your heart in ways no other movie has.

If you only watch one movie this year, this is the one I would choose for you!  

That is all I'm going to say on this!  Please honor yourself by watching it!

REVIEW: New Moon

New Moon
released November 20, 2009

This Highly anticipated sequel to the popular Twilight film, did not let the fans down.

As most people know, these movies are based on the best selling (and extremely popular) novels by Stephanie Meyer.  

They compare Vampires to Warewolves, but Stephanie looks at these fictional monsters in a different way then anyone ever has.  

New Moon is one of my favorites of the series because it focuses on the werewolves.  I'm very happy the film makers decided to keep Taylor Lautner as the werewolf, Jacob Black.  He was in the first movie and almost did not make the second because of his physic.  Luckily, he proved that he's deserved the role by becoming the part.  I admire him for that.

Joining the cast are those in the royalty of the Volturi, are  Michael Sheen as Aro; Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius; Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus; Dakota Fanning as Jane; Cameron Bright as Alec; Charlie Bewley as Demetri; and Daniel Cudmore as Felix.

I loved this film and cannot wait for the remaining two to complete the visual series.

REVIEW: This Is It

This Is It
released October 28, 2009

Okay......... Michael Jackson was an amazing artist with tons of talent and imagination.  

Now that I've said that, I hated this film.

I worked behind big stage productions and my least favorite part was sitting through rehearsals and all this movie was was chunks of that rehearsal.  I was expecting something much, much more from the pictures and hipe from what this actually became.

I loved all the songs that were picked and the ideas for the performance were great!  I would have loved to be part of the stage production and see it all take place.  Kudos to all of the minds who thought it all up!!!

REVIEW: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs
released 18 September 2009

I have always loved animated movies.  Since the dawn of 3D animation there have been great stories and great visual effects.  This only added to the genre of 3D animation, with quirky characters (in their design to their personalities) to the story climaxes that gave it one of those must-see-again feelings.

I saw this with my 5 year-old niece.  Like most children, just going to the movies is an experience in itself, but this little one kept quoting the movie after we left.  She loved that the food was so big and her favorite part was the Jello House!  

Like most of the animated films there are always a good moral.  I'll let you watch it to see what the moral is.

The genius inventor Flint Lockwood is voiced by Bill Hader (Saturday Night Live) and the reporter Sam Sparks is voiced by Anna Faris (House Bunny).

These two make an incredible duo who find in each other the strength to follow their dreams.

If you haven't seen this movie, please see it.  Sony Animation Studios accomplished a great work of art that everyone will enjoy for years to come!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving to Colorado....

Well, there is much to be said, because I am moving again. 
I will leave this coming Sunday and stay with some friends in Ohio and trek across the country for the following 3 days.  I'm going to try to push it to 2 long days, but who knows what will happen!!! 
I'm going to move in with my parents in Colorado.  Try to get a fresh start again and see where life takes me.  I have changed a lot since being here in Michigan, and it has done a lot of detoxing that I needed.  My sister and her family have been great and understanding with that.  I hope to be my new self soon and be more comfortable with the new life I'm trying to get to!!! 
Keep me in your prayers that I travel safe this next week.

Laughing Yet?

Laughing Yet?