Thursday, January 28, 2010

REVIEW: New Moon

New Moon
released November 20, 2009

This Highly anticipated sequel to the popular Twilight film, did not let the fans down.

As most people know, these movies are based on the best selling (and extremely popular) novels by Stephanie Meyer.  

They compare Vampires to Warewolves, but Stephanie looks at these fictional monsters in a different way then anyone ever has.  

New Moon is one of my favorites of the series because it focuses on the werewolves.  I'm very happy the film makers decided to keep Taylor Lautner as the werewolf, Jacob Black.  He was in the first movie and almost did not make the second because of his physic.  Luckily, he proved that he's deserved the role by becoming the part.  I admire him for that.

Joining the cast are those in the royalty of the Volturi, are  Michael Sheen as Aro; Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius; Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus; Dakota Fanning as Jane; Cameron Bright as Alec; Charlie Bewley as Demetri; and Daniel Cudmore as Felix.

I loved this film and cannot wait for the remaining two to complete the visual series.

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