Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Life Changes

This past week, my brother-in-law got a job offer with the company that he has been interning with. The job is in Michigan and they have to be there at the end of January. He's been interviewing with the position for a few months now, so we were expecting it, but it's now REAL. I can't just got up and see the family anymore. I'm getting sad, even though I'm so happy for them.
They'll do great! Congrats to the Barbers.

Change of subject:

Some have asked about my new job. I work with Precision Concrete Cutting. I'm their new Office Manager. (My title is the Secretary, but I don't do much secretary work!!!) It's been rough in a couple of places. I work with a bunch of guys and they sometimes to think about what they are saying and just say it. Girls are a lot more sensitive. But I need to get my mind in the right set. I do love the work though. I feel like I'm really accomplishing something. I was accomplishing things at my other jobs, I just couldn't stay there. So it's been a good transition. Hopefully communication will get better and less assumption with reside.

I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and that you're NEW YEAR will be filled with lots of Joy and Happiness and that unexpected surprises will be cherished with their passing.

Monday, December 17, 2007

May I take your order miss......

Mommy, do you mind if I order? I think I'll have these yummy pancakes. What do you think?

She just picked up the menu and held it like us. Isn't she cute!!!!

I'm sorry that I just keep posting stuff about my nieces. I just got my camera fixed, so I'm making up for lost time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Go horsey go....

Remember riding on your dad's back when you were little? I loved it and my dad would do some crazy stuff. I saw William and Alyssa doing it and I had to take a picture.
But I do not remember, EVER, wanting daddy to ride on my back. Did you?
Cute that she couldn't even see that it would never work.

Lynn. My Supergirl...

This is my niece Lynn. She turned 6 months on Dec. 4. She looks more like her dad then her sister Alyssa, who is a carbon copy of her mom.
Well, when I was home this past week, I had the opportunity to spend a lot more time with her then I ever have before. My camera has been broken, so I've been using my phone's camera, but now that my camera is fixed, I went camera happy. Although I got some great pictures of Lynn, I accidentally deleted them before uploading them to the computer.

I don't know how she does it, but her bib always gets rotated around so that it's on her back and it looks like she has a cape on. So I call her my Supergirl. I wish I had this picture, but it was one of the ones I erased, where she is on her belly with her arms and legs up in the air and it looks like she is flying. So, she really is Supergirl.

Isn't she so....CUTE! I had a picture of her sticking her tongue out, which she does all the time. She just sticks it out, not wiggling it or anything . Alyssa, her big sister used to stick her tongue out when she was a baby too, but her tongue would be going a million miles a minute. Must run in the family.

Monday, December 10, 2007


This is my niece Alyssa. She's so cute. I can't believe she smiled so real in this picture. I'm so proud of her. She is so obedient and so kind. She loves life and loves to live it to the fullest.

Here she is with her doggy in her coat. She didn't want her to get cold when we went to the store. She goes everywhere with her. She calls her "Mama Dog"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Business Website

It's official. My business website is up and running. Go check it out and tell me what you think!
Oh, and if any of you who have a book that I made, I would love to get a testimonial from you about it. You can say anything you want. I think it would help out my webpage to have that kindof thing on it. My email is and put "testimonial" in the subject line. Thanks. You all are great!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The End

This blog is a tribute to my Grandpa. Arthur Lynn Nielson was born Dec. 17, 1919. He left this life while he was sleeping on Dec. 2, 2007. Husband to Margaret Alma Green Nielson, Father to Linda, Mark, Claudia and Dart. He was a great community leader (he was the Mayor of our town before I was born) and he started the business that my Dad now runs.
I grew up with my grandparents right next store. I was at their house more than I was at mine. I loved to sit with them and just be with them. Grandad was always the hard one. Grandma was the soft one. But together they complimented eachother. When Grandma died in 1998, Grandpa took it really hard, but he was still the same old guy. He softened a bit (I think the great grandchildren helped a bit) and I started to get to know him better. Coming home to visit from college led me to go visit with him and there were times when we would just talk about his life, times when he would just tell me about what I should be doing, times when we would just watch TV together and times when we would cry about life, love and all the stuff in-between. I grew to love him more in those times then ever before.
He is my Grandad and I love him. He's not hurting anymore, and I know that he's with Grandma again. I'll miss seeing him when I go visiting Colorado, but I'll be content living in the time now till we will meet again.
I love you Grandpa. God bless!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Did I make the right decision?

Hey all! I can't sleep, so I thought that I'd write a blog.

I've had a few big decisions to make in the past months and it's been hard to know if I'm even making the right decision.

One: I quit my job because of sewing wrong, which led to an incredibly weird pain in my left shoulder. (We came to find out that I had been sitting wrong for the entire year and a half that I had been working there. I was sewing with my left foot; I had right knee problems; and the machines are made for people using the right foot.)
So I started looking for a new job. But nothing was working out. I was beginning to get very frustrated.

Two: My Grandpa got in a wreck a few months ago and kindof gave up on life, so he needs constant care. It's been really hard on my parents, but they were pulling through great.

These two situations led me to believe that I should move down to Colorado and help my parents out. This decision seemed right and I felt good about it. So I needed to do two things: 1) Find someone to take my place in my apartment while I was in Colorado, & 2) Pack up and move to Colorado. Seems simple, right? Well, this began my whirlwind-of-terror.

I thought the Lord was pointing me in this direction. I had been praying about it, but I hadn't received an answer about any of it. So I took action and made a decision for myself.

Nothing could prepare me for the confusion that began.

At first it seemed that everything was working out for me to move to Colorado. I found someone to take my place in my apartment in Utah. I visited Colorado for a week and helped out with my Grandpa. My Dad said that I could get a job while I was down there, cause I was needed mostly at night, and a job opened up. I even told everyone that I was moving to Colorado.

Then I came back to Utah. I felt sick in my stomach, like something was wrong. I had dinner with some of my closest friends and I wanted to cry cause something was hurting me inside. ( was not gas!! My heart was hurting.) I then tried to contact the girl that was going to move in and she didn't call me back for three days. On the third day she finally called and said that she was going to stay where she was and couldn't take the place. I wanted to scream. How could this be happening? I had applied to rent a Uhaul truck so that I could take my stuff down to Colorado. Everything was falling through.

I didn't move any of my stuff down to Colorado, but I did go down for Thanksgiving. There I was able to be with my family. My nieces are so great and loving and they gave me lots of laughs that I feel I hadn't had for a few weeks.
You have to know that I love my Grandpa even though he swears at me and treats me like I'm his servant sometimes, but he forgets a lot. He's so frail and week. He legs are as thin as my arms. My emotions to need to help take care of him may have over powered the reason why I made the decision.
It was a hard Thanksgiving. I struggled. I had a long, tearful, talk with my Dad. I decided to come back to Utah and try to find a job and see if that was what I needed to do. Lots of tears, and prayers have followed.

I looked online again and started applying for jobs. I got an interview the Monday after Thanksgiving for a place in Lindon and went in and felt really good about it. The position is for an Office Manager. Two days later (this past Wednesday) I got the call that I got the job. Just like that.
One thing that happened right before Thanksgiving was that I got a letter from the Timpanogos temple to come in for an interview. I have been wanting to serve in the temple for 6 years now. But I didn't tell anyone that until I talked with my Dad after Thanksgiving.

So I made a decision and it wasn't the one that the Lord wanted me to do. I'm really glad that I've had so much help these past couple of months. I know that I am blessed more than I should be. I know that I've grown from this and that there were times when I wished it would all go away, but I stuck with it and now I know what I should be doing.

It's been a low point this last month and a half. I only hope that I can listen to the Spirit better in times to come.

You all rock. Thanks for all your help.

Laughing Yet?

Laughing Yet?