Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Life Changes

This past week, my brother-in-law got a job offer with the company that he has been interning with. The job is in Michigan and they have to be there at the end of January. He's been interviewing with the position for a few months now, so we were expecting it, but it's now REAL. I can't just got up and see the family anymore. I'm getting sad, even though I'm so happy for them.
They'll do great! Congrats to the Barbers.

Change of subject:

Some have asked about my new job. I work with Precision Concrete Cutting. I'm their new Office Manager. (My title is the Secretary, but I don't do much secretary work!!!) It's been rough in a couple of places. I work with a bunch of guys and they sometimes to think about what they are saying and just say it. Girls are a lot more sensitive. But I need to get my mind in the right set. I do love the work though. I feel like I'm really accomplishing something. I was accomplishing things at my other jobs, I just couldn't stay there. So it's been a good transition. Hopefully communication will get better and less assumption with reside.

I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and that you're NEW YEAR will be filled with lots of Joy and Happiness and that unexpected surprises will be cherished with their passing.


Anna said...

Wow that will be a huge change for you. I remember when Sarah and Alex moved. It was a bit of an adjustment.

Sounds like that isn't the only adjustment. I'll be praying for you at your new job. I hope that all goes well there.

jenn said...

hey jenny- i am waiting a new blog to see how you are doing! you know i love you girl! !!! miss you lots!

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Laughing Yet?