Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I got a Beagle puppy back in mid April.  He was born from a litter of about 10 on February 5, 2010

I named him Porthos.  Yes, that is one of the three musketeers.  Although the name came from the show Star Trek Enterprise.  The Captin, Jonathan Archer, had a pure bred beagle who he named Porthos.  I have always wanted a beagle, and after watching the show, I decided if I get one and it's a boy, I'll name it Porthos.... At least one dream has come true.

Here are some pictures.... He can be crazy, but he's such a smart dog......

Wasn't he so little?  The little white mountain range on his bum is still there.  I just hope it stays there.  As he's gotten bigger the spot on his head has blended in with all the other brown, but the bum mountains have stayed, just stretched out.

This has to be one of his favorite positions to sleep in.... He's so funny.  

The above three pictures were taken by the breeders.  He's got the most beautiful amber eyes that match his coat perfectly.  He's got all these great freckles all over....

The first day I got him.  We drove from Utah to Colorado... a 5 hour trip.  For 3 of the 5 hours he slept.  Then John Mayer came on & the beagle came out.  He loves howling.  It was cute.  He whines more now, but can't seem to get over that.  He's howl is getting deeper now too.  It's crazy how big he's getting so fast.

He was so small.  I could fit him under my arm and hold him for an hour without getting tired.  That harness doesn't fit him anymore.  I thought it would last, but I've never owned a dog, so I have no clue what works.

Shouldn't this be a centerfold of a puppy magazine?  He also as overtaken the back seat of my car.... it's all his.  He also likes to stand with his front paws on my arm rest while I'm driving & watching all the happenings outside.  He will lean on me and then rest his head on my shoulder.  He's so cute!

My boss at work said I could bring him to work for the first while and my co-worker had her 9 month old English Bull Dog there.  When Bella saw Porthos she ran right at him and totally ran him over.  I thought he's get all scared, but he played with her like nothing had happened.  He eventually needed a rest.  He was funny. He's about Bella's size now.

This was after his first bath.  He loved it, but right after this laid down and was out for the count.  I've never seen him like that before 5pm.... & this was only 11am...

Pour little guy got snipped.  He was so groggy for about 5 hours.  He is normally so energetic, so this was shocking.  

He was so cuddily.  I loved it!  Usually he cuddles with his face in my face and breaths on me.... He doesn't really have the best breath..... 

This is a planter in the yard.  He loves to jump in them all and dig them out.  As of late he has taken to sleeping in them and then  hanging out in them during the day.  He's so funny....

I have been able to teach him to sit, laydown and go in his house (his kennel), but he is stubborn and smart.  He knows when he wants to stop playing and training.  As I've done research I've found that beagles have a short attention span, but once you teach them it will only take a couple more times to get it to stick.  Although I have noticed that he knows what is coming and he tries to avoid it.  I am wanting to get a female in the next litter, or the next one after that so that he can have a friend while I'm not there..... He gets really bored really easy.

Laughing Yet?

Laughing Yet?