Tuesday, April 8, 2008

American Idol

I have never (including this year) watched every episode of a season of American Idol.

Although this year I have been following the contestants more than ever.

Actually, I need to confess something. I voted tonight!!!
I know, I know, I'm crazy.... but one performance did stand out to me more than the others so I voted. It was really easy, and I don't have to worry about long distance numbers cause it is a toll free number I called.

I'm a big fan of David Cook. I hope he wins. But tonight I didn't vote for him. My favorite performance was Jason Castro's. (I don't think I spelt his last name right!)

Let me know who you like and if you've ever voted.
I'm not going to be ashamed that I have. Give me as much grief as you want... I won't feel bad.

I loved this picture and couldn't help but post it. I'm sure many people feel like tying up Simon. Although I'd like to see Paula in that chair more and more lately.


jenn said...

jenny- we do need to chat! text of gimme a call... let's figure this out! (: LOVEYA

Anna said...

Well,...OK so Danny and I have been following too. Well, we don't exactly watch it, because we don't have cable. We watch clips that have been posted on youtube. I agree that David Cook is quite talented (though last night was probably his worst, which he knew), but I sometimes want him to mess up, and lose. Not lose yet, but lose at the end. He could pull out a record deal and succeed in the industry in the end even if he didn't win.
Over all I have to admit that they are all talented, and quite good. But my blunt/honest opinions are as follows:

Michael Johns - His performances always make me feel awkward. He bounces, which makes me feel really uncomfortable, and is rarely "on". The Queen performance was the only good one for me.
Syesha - really good voice, but unfortunately is forgettable.
Carly - Strong and constant voice, but feels like the past to me. It was so hard to find a performance of her on line last night which makes me think that nobody really liked it.
Jason - I really like his old sound, which he did last night, but he just seems so stressed/not relaxed lately, which loses the charm for me. I wish he would just record albums that make me feel like I'm chilling at the beach all day when really I am in my cubicle. I hope he brings that back.
David Archuleta - Probably my favorite. I know call me a teenybopper, but I like how he always delivers a feel with his songs that is touching or uplifting. And, he is really good. I want him to make it to the end. Whatever the outcome, I'm sure he'll get a record deal. I just hope that he is enjoying himself. That is a rough age when friends are SO IMPORTANT and to be professional... The other contestants don't appear to warm up to him like they do to each other. And to have the public be so wild about you because you can sing and not because they really know who you are is sort of empty to me. That was a hard age for me.(Can you tell I feel a little bit motherly about him?)
Christy - Is she still here?!? Ok, so she is getting better, but I think she is missing something professional. I can't identify it, it's just a feel.
Brooke - She is the one I secretly root for (besides David A.). I've always felt like she was the underdog for some reason and that she could go any week. I like her sound personality, and would maybe purchase her CD. She reminds me of someone who would tour at the Lilith Fair. I also like that she wears modest clothes every week! Thank you, Brooke, for stepping in the light and making moral people cool! Thank you! Thank you! The world (and pop culture) needs more of that.
I think that the next ones to go are (or should be) Carly and Syesha.
I probably dished out more of my opinion than you were asking for. Do you agree/disagree? Oh and no, I've never voted.

Rachel said...

I love David Cook too! I actually like Simon. He speaks the truth despite how harsh. I like that he's so genuine.

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