Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cheescake Factory

Last night I went with a friend, Heather, and a bunch of our other friends to the Cheesecake Factory in Salt Lake City, for her (Heather's) birthday bash. It's a very popular restaurant and a couple of us went up an hour early just to wait in line. It was really busy. I didn't know how popular it was. I've only heard about it. I had no idea that they served anything other than cheesecake. Boy, was I mistaken!!! The menu is almost 20 pages long. (Lots of advertising.) There are two pages just for cheesecake, though. And I have to admit that the cheesecake was really good.

So, a funny thing happened to me while I was there.

As many of you know, I like to give servers a hard time when I go out to eat. When I'm with family, it's different, because my Dad takes care of that, so I don't feel a need to hassle them. But I usually am over polite to them to make up for the rudeness from my Dad. (He likes things the way he asks for them. There is nothing wrong with that.) Well....our server for the evening was really cute. I think his name is Corey. There were 12 people in our party, so he had a lot to do. But from the get go, I was giving him a hard time, but he was giving it right back... I was having fun. Then came the big mishap. He put my order in wrong and I didn't get any food. I didn't want any soup or salad, cause then I wouldn't enjoy my meal. We waited for a while just to get our food the first round, so you can imagine how long it took me to get my food. I had him put it in a box. I played tetris and even called a few friends. Then came the funny part. He came over to apologize (I had given him a really hard time about it... But it was all very sarcastic) and to tell me that he had gotten my cheesecake for free. It was the cheaper of the two. Oh, I forgot to tell you where I was sitting (it is key to the story). My back was to him when he came to take our order/fill drinks/ect.... So when he came to tell me this great news, I was so happy, that I took his face in both my hands and scared him and about half our group. I did it so quickly and with my positioning, it looked like I was about to kiss him, but I didn't. It was a hoot. Poor guy. I felt so bad. I still feel bad. I couldn't leave a big tip, cause they calculate the tip into it before giving the receipt, but I would have. But I left a nice note (just a note and not my number. How lame do you think I am?)(Don't answer that.) It was exciting and we were laughing so much. I needed to have a good time with everything going on in my life.
About the food. Even though I had to take my food home with me, I was able to get a few bites and it wasn't that bad. I got a buffalo chicken sandwich with fries and a caramel pecan turtle cheesecake. The chicken was kindof dry. I don't think I'll ever go there again. It was so expensive and the food wasn't really worth that much money. I did try the avocado egg rolls as an appetizer and they were really good.
Oh, and it was freezing. If you go, take a lite jacket to keep you warm.

All in all I had a good time.

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Laughing Yet?