Thursday, September 6, 2007

The move continue and my friends decided that they would try to get the futon mattress and cuddle bug down the stairs by just pushing them down...together. It was so much fun. Amanda, Mich and Jo Jo seemed like they were having a blast.
At around noon on Saturday, I decided to take a break from moving to help Mich move a piano that she got online for free. It wasn't much of a break, because the piano was up in Wet Jordan and it had a metal frame. We had tons of fun moving it, though and successfully got it into their house, with only a tiny hole in the linoleum of the front entry way of Mich's house. :)
Although the move was fun, we did loose one of our numbers. He was squished to death, leading to his eyes bugging out of his head. Please take a moment of silence for our friend, Bubbles. He will be remembered for his love and wonderful singing voice which never failed, even when his battery was low. Bubbles, we love you!!!!!! You will be missed!!!
It was a bit chaotic, moving, but it was all worth it. Look at this view from our front porch. Beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here.
Have a wonderful day my great friends. You are all worth it!!!! Give me a line sometime, if you want.

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Anna said...

Jenny Jenny Jenny!
I am so glad that you started a blog! I hope you don't mind if I link you. I will be frequenting your blog often. I look forward to updates!!! I love you. If you want updates on me you can look at my blog too.

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