Monday, February 25, 2008

Pneumonia or NO monia.................?

I've been struggling with breathing the last couple of days and it felt like my chest was very congested and like I was getting sick. But I didn't have any of the normal cold symptoms, so I assumed it was pneumonia, or at least the beginning stages. I made an appointment to meet with my doctor and she was able to determine that I only have asthma. Crazy, huh? The last time I had pneumonia I was told that I have a slight case of asthma, but apparently it has gotten worse. I'm glad I do not have pneumonia, but now I have to carry an inhaler around with me all the time. The picture shows the inhaler I need to use for the next two weeks, but I'll be using the traditional L-shaped one after. Wow!!!
You win some, you loose some. A big plus.... I'm going to be able to exercise without breathing problems afterward!!!! Yeah!!

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jenn said...

wow! i am glad that you know what is going now... it is crazy not to know! well i love you and hope that the rest of your life is great! (: we really need to plan a time to get together! (:

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