Monday, August 25, 2008

It has been a long time! Sorry! I'm not doing good at posting in here, am I?
I do not have a good excuse, but my excuse is... that I joined Facebook. I have been distracted by that. It's not a good excuse... AT ALL!

Well, I thought you'd all like to see that I can look like a girl. My roommate Alicia has her beautician's degree and she loves to do our hairs. I tried to curl my hair myself, but it looked more like I stuck my finger in a light socket. This is the end result of Alicia's expertise... It's not going to be a common thing, that's why I took a picture.

As for my life.... I started working at a place called APX Alarm. I worked in the customer support department. I stayed for 2 months, but it was nerve racking. I knew I could not do it any more when a customer started baiting me and I got off the phone and could not compose myself because I was crying. It's a good company, I just could not continue there. So I'm currently looking for work...

I'm going to be going to Michigan for a week starting this Saturday until Sep. 7th. My niece, Alyssa, is turning 4 and I promised to go see her. I'm really excited about that. It will be nice to see Lynn too. She's grown so much since they've moved to Michigan. I know she's forgotten about her Aunt Jenny, but I'm bound to get her to love me again! That is my main task in going.

My business is going okay. It's slow, but I'm trying to get more things done. So let me know if you know anyone who needs a book made. Oh,........... I have been able to make a book for a movie. My roommate, Sonja, works on movies and she's been doing a movie about Boy Scouts. Her prop manager needed a small leather bound book for two scenes... It turned out so beautifully... Sonja told me I'll be on the credits and that I'll be on IMDB for doing the book for the movie.

So far, that is the most that has really happened in my life. Hope you are all doing well.


Jason & Sally Cook said...

Yeah! My Gorj is still alive! Congrats on the book thing. That will be fun to see your nieces again. Candy always wins them over right away. Or maybe Oreos and Cheetos for breakfast. That worked with Sam like a charm. Love ya! By the way, do you still have my wedding book?

The Pagets in Florida said...

You have always looked girly. What are you talking about? I do think the curls make you look more like your sister though.

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Laughing Yet?