Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day...What did you do?

What did you do on Memorial Day?
Isn't this a great picture?
I was really surprised at the consistencies of all the American Flags that had been posted in the front lawns of all my neighbors. It was a great sight to see. God bless all those who have given their lives for our freedom. And my prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved ones. Although it's comforting to know that we will see them again.

I started my day by going to the new JCW's that opened up by Thanksgiving Point. I used to work there and my old roommate is one of the managers and so I met one of my friends there to eat lunch. It's much different from the other restaurant and it's so big and clean!!!

I actually had two BBQs that I was invited to. One started at 2pm and the other was at 6:30pm. I made the wrong choice of going to JCW's to eat too. One BBQ was in Springville and the other was in American Fork.
When I got to the Springville one, I found out that we wouldn't be eating til about 4pm. I didn't know how I would last eating again just 2 hours later. (I started to feel like a missionary all over again, who had booked to many member meal appointments.) We had fun playing games on the Wii and watching others play. I guess I have a funny laugh when I play, but I can't remember how I was laughing. I had fun running down scarecrows with a cow.... :)

Then a funny thing happened. I got a call from a long lost friend who asked me to go to a Death Cab for Cutie concert at Thanksgiving point that started at 5pm. I agreed and let my other friends know that I would be late to their BBQ. They were fine. It was a casual thing.
So I met my friend at my house (I had to get shoes, blankets and a jacket cause it had been raining all day.) I was concerned about the concert because it was at the outside venue (not the waterfall) at Thanksgiving Point. The concert was suppose to start at 5pm. We didn't get in till almost 8pm. Luckily Jeremy's (my friend who invited me to the concert) co-workers had gotten there extremely early and we were closer to the front of the line when we came. It was nice to get to know everyone there, but it was interesting having to wait to get into a concert for so long.

When we finally got in, we still had to wait. There were suppose to be 2 groups opening, Tegan and Sara, and Rouge Wave. Tegan and Sara (above pic) were great. (See posted video) I really liked their sound, and they got through their set really quickly. But Rouge Wave did not play. (I posted a couple of videos so you can hear their sound for yourselves...) Death Cab went right into their set. I have to admit I was really disappointed. Really....!
Jeremy and I had parked way out by the freeway and we walked across the muddy field to get to the line, so we decided to leave early to get back to the car, but we could still hear them as we walked. And when we had almost reached the car they announced that they were going to play the last song. What a gip. I felt bad for everyone who had paid to get in. Jeremy got his tickets through work. But I did have a lot of fun going to the concert. I love people watching and there are a lot of different types of people that went to this concert.

We then proceeded to the next BBQ (it was about 10pm) and we stayed there for a couple of hours. I was worried that I wouldn't have enough room for all the food I was going to eat, but I was glad for the concert cause I had a break and was really hungry after we got out.
All-in-all it was a really full day, but fun...

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The Pagets in Florida said...

I want to know more about this Jeremy chap and who he is. You have so many more friends since I left.

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