Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Just so you all know, I have never been tagged before, so this is the first that you will all see from me. (Thanks Sally Cook if you get mad at me for tagging you, but I think these kinds of things are fun.) I got one via email that I might implement soon...

These are the rules:
A) List 7 habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B) Tag 7 people to do the same. (Since I have a short list of people who read my blog, all of those who are in my links will be added to my list...)
C) Do not tag the person who tagged you, or say that you tag 'whoever wants to do it.'

1. I love the color Orange. Not the bright colors that let everyone know there is construction going on, but the deep rusty color that you can can look at without having to blink a lot when looking at another object right after. I've like orange for a few years now. It makes me happy. I have a lot of things in the color (thanks to my Mom and a lot of my friends), but I do not wear it very much. I tend to wear dark/muted colors with an occasional red or pink shirt slipping in. Yes, Sally, I said pink... Who would have guessed? ;)

2. I love turtles. I think I've loved them all my life because I love the story about the tortes and the hare. I know it's fictional, but I loved the meaning and have been in love with the creatures ever since. I have a lot of turtle figurines/stuffed animals (from friends and family) that have formed a large collection on the entire bottom shelf of my TV stand, but I still have more to unpack. I think my favorites are sea turtles.
While I was in Korea as a missionary I was able to be part of an apartment swap with a house of Elders in our area. They had 6 Elders living in an apartment big enough for 2 missionaries, while we had an apartment big enough for 8, while there were only 4 sisters living there. Well, these Elders had an aquarium full of these small turtles that don't grow bigger than the palm of your hand. I've wanted some ever since, but the only place that they can be purchased is California. I believe they are illegal, hence-I don't own any. I'll keep hoping though... Maybe someday I'll be an owner of tiny live turtles.

3. A habit I wish I didn't have, and I'm trying to get over, but it's very hard is that I snort when I laugh. I do it pretty consistently when I really get the giggles, but it is not lady like and they come from deep within... Some of my friends snort when they laugh really hard, but I laugh all the time, sometimes it's the only thing people hear.
There are three types of reactions of people who first hear me laugh. 1) They look at me like something is wrong with me, but don't know what to say, so they say nothing at all. 2) They hear it, but do not react at all, but you can tell that they heard it cause the tension can be cut with a knife. 3) They do a double take, point their finger at me and say, "You just snorted!"
It's annoying at times. It grabs anyones attention. I wish that I didn't have that sort of laughing response, especially when I'm in the Temple (happening more and more lately...really have to work on not being part of any conversation, cause it will get me laughing). It happens during sacrament meeting sometimes and there is always someone who tells me that they were so glad to know that I was in the chapel. Fun, I know. So you can see why it's not something I want to do.
But the cutest thing is that my niece, Alyssa, knows that I snort, so when she hears one, she always associates it with me. One of my favorite voice mails was when she called me and told me, "Hey Jenny, I snorted!" and then she began to snort. (She's almost 4, and she left this message when she had barely turned 3.)

4. I'm considering this whole thing to be my food/beverage preferences, so all will be included.
If I had to choose between sugary or salty tastes, I'd always choose salty. Hands down. I love tart flavors to. Some of my favorite chips are a Dill Pickle flavored Pringles. Salt and Vinegar is good to. I love potatoes in everything and anything, but I hate fresh onions.
I love Dr. Pepper. If I could survive on nothing but that, I would. I think I'm addicted. I also love cold water and milk. Oreo cookies are scrupcious, but they have to be the regulars (not fat free, cause the fat free ones are to hard), eaten with a fork and a glass of milk. Each oreo must be stuck by a fork (into the cream) dunked fully into the milk, held for a couple of seconds and eaten in one big bite, without dripping.
I'm not big on touching food with my hands. I've had to eat meals quickly, so this preference is overlooked a lot, but if I have the choice, I would eat a hamburger and french fries with a knife and fork.

5. I keep my fingernails short. I mean really short. Sometimes I cut them so short the skin tears away from my nail. Nasty to share, I know, but I just cut them yesterday and I can feel them getting raw as I type. I'm not blaming my Mom that I do this, but she did start me on it, but it was my choice to continue it. Even after I got horrendous ingrown toenails as a teenager, I still cut them short, although I'm much more careful as to how close I cut my toenails. I still get some sore toes when I cut them to close. Sorry I'm sharing such gross insites to my life, but I'm not thinking of very much more to share. It's late and I'm getting tired, so my sanity is waying...

6. I am a pack rat. I recently moved and in the move there were 5 truck/SUV's that were loaded to the brim with all of my stuff and I still haven't moved everything over. I've been a lot better in the past couple of years, with throwing things away, but there is still a lot of stuff I should be throwing away. I still have bins from when I was in Junior High. (Why they are in Utah with me, I could not tell you.)

7. I am a movie/TV junkie. I love them. My biggest weakness has to be that I could sit and watch movies all day long. Sometimes I put them on while I work so that I can have the background noise, although half the time I end up taking lots of breaks to watch a few minutes here and there. I love the site, www.hulu.com. Free TV shows online.

So there are some of my habits/quirks/facts about myself.

Now, I would like to tag:
1. Jennifer Anderson
2. Anna Frost
3. Dave or Megan Muhlstien
4. Jordan or Crystal Muhlstien
5. Rachel Melara
6. Aaron or Catherine Paget
7. Karen Pusey

Have fun. Hope to see your posts soon....


The Pagets in Florida said...

OK, so I was thinking about just making a post here to avoid your request. I was thinking about the time we were dressers on Crazy for You, and you called the song Slap that Bass (like the fish). Oh, I was laughing. Good fun for all. Sometimes I miss the theater, but that is what memories are for.

Jason & Sally Cook said...

yeah! i can't believe you choose to wear pink! that makes me so happy. i knew that day when we were roommates, that if i successfully forced you to put on one of my pink shirts you would someday be converted! i still have the picture... too bad you were in the process of ripping it off, so i can't post it... but what's funny, is that i hardly wear pink anymore! plus i don't have many pink maternity shirts... thanks for doing the tagging thing!! love ya!

Laughing Yet?

Laughing Yet?