Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boston January 2009

I went to Boston to interview at North Bennet Street School on January 19-21. I stayed with the girls in the pic above. Emily, Shanna, Meg & Casey.
I actually met the Bishop of the Singles ward and his wife (in the above picture, middle two persons) at Olive Garden in American Fork back in October of last year. It was so crazy when they told me they were from Boston. I instantly told them I was applying to NBSS and Bishop Maitland told he knew the school and then proceeded to ask me if I was single, as he looked at my hand to see if I had a ring. It creeped me out at first until he instantly told me he was the bishop in the singles ward that students at NBSS go to. I got excited. They both told me that I could stay with them when I came to interview at the school. We switched information and I then emailed him, but it didn't work. After a couple of months I tried again, but it did not work. Then during Christmas I looked up the singles ward on and found that I had been spelling the Maitland's last name wrong. My stupidity. He, he. I tried the email again and got a reply the next day. I had an appointment with NBSS and told him about it and he sent me the information of some girls in the ward who had an opening in their apartment and I emailed them. I was then able to find those girls to stay with. Bishop and Sister Maitland told me they would pick me up at the airport and take me to the apartment of the girls I was staying with. I also got an email from Shanna telling me that they invited Bishop and Sister Maitland to eat with us when I got there. It was a great meal. They made the best buffet salad bar that I've ever seen. Amazing.
This is a picture of the entrance to NBSS. It's not actually on North Bennet Street School, it's right around the corner. This was after my interview. I stayed to watch the inaguration and then talked to the students in the bookbinding department for 2 1/2 more hours. It was so much fun!
This is a bridge that they built to make a freeway above ground. The construction was absolutely beautiful!!!
Boston Temple. It was a bit of a walk from the bus stop and it was really cold. I had to walk on a freeway off ramp to get to the entrance. It was crazy. I had so much fun there. I wore jean in and had my bag from the interview with a skirt to change into. I was the only sister there and they took me on a tour before the session I was going to. The sister that took me on the tour told me that the temple was themed around the Tree of Life. Everything was so beautiful! I loved this temple. To of the workers I met travel 2 hours, both ways, from Maine, to work in the temple. Isn't that great?
I realized that I had not taken any pictures while I had been running around that I had a lady at the bus stop take a picture of me. The building in the background was cool, but I have no clue what it was. After the temple I went back to Harvard Square and got some postcards to send to my family and roommates. I went to an amazing grill to eat dinner.

I had so much fun and have a good feeling about the interview. It was so cold, but I could not stop smiling. A couple of friends have told me it's cause my face froze like that. I did get lost a few times, but it was still fun!

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Rebekah said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm so glad you were able to meet the bishop and his wife and have some contacts in Boston already. I really hope you get in the school. It sounds fantastic.

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