Thursday, December 24, 2009


Whip It
released October 2, 2009

Directed by Drew Barrymore, this classic tale of small town girl taking a chance on life is vivacious and creative.  
Bliss Cavendar, Ellen Page's (Juno) character is from Bodeen, TX.  Bliss's life is filled with working at the Oink Joint and puffing up her mother's dreams of winning beauty pagents. But she is always dreaming of something more.  Then on a fateful outing to a thrift store, Bliss meets some roller derby girls and a spark is lit.
At 17, not very many of us know where we want to be in 20 years.  All we really worry about is what school we're going to and what we're going to do on the weekend.   So as many teenagers do, Bliss and her friend Pash go the the roller derby tournament, without telling mom and dad.  There Bliss finds her bliss.  Roller derby is just what she needs in her dull life.  Unfortunately telling her parents is out of the question so lies ensue and the repercussions are not fun.  

Why do we all lie about things that make us happy?  Bliss eventually had her happy ending and her family supports her, but if she had not lied, would she have had the outcome she did?  If she would have told her parents upfront, then they wouldn't have let her go.  So in lying about it she hurt her family, but got what she wanted.  It's a hard lesson.  I wish all kids could find something they love and have the full support of parents, but most kids find things that their parents would never support.  Then again, if we don't make our own choices and feel the hard life lessons from them, we would never learn from them.  

This film does have a great moral that many might not see right away.  When you find something you love to do, don't let anything stop you from getting it!!!!  Even with all the pain and heartache, it's still what you love and that makes everything worth it!

I love Ellen Page and I believe she's going to be a great upcoming actress... It would be nice to see her outside of these "charater" roles, to prove that she can stand on her own when it comes to acting.   

Once again check out Wikipedia for more info on this flick.

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