Thursday, November 20, 2008

Power Trips

About a month ago I started working at Olive Garden as a server in the new restaurant that opened in American Fork. I got to be part of the opening crew. It's been fun.
Well.... as part of this new opening, they started interviewing for CT (Certified Trainer) positions. I interviewed only because I knew I would regret it. I really did not want the job cause I do not plan on staying with Olive Garden as a career. It is a good opportunity so that I can transfer to an Olive Garden in Boston, so that I can have a job when I go there.
So... they've made about 20 people CTs just this past Sunday. Some have blue cards- meaning they can help do managerial swipes for all of the lower peons that need help on their checks, combining checks and so on. When I saw the list, I was excited for most of the people that got the positions, but I cringed inside when I saw 4 of the people. I hate to say it, but this little blue card is giving these 4 a huge head. The whole part of being a CT (there is no pay raise, or more hours... just more responsibility) is that they are there to help with team work and lightening the load. These 4 people will remain nameless, but they have let this go to their heads. I have worked at this restaurant the same amount of time as they have. Now because they have a card, they think they can tell me what to do, even though I'm right and they are wrong. A simple example is soup: Sometimes when we ladel when the soup is low there is not any chunkiness left, just bits and pieces of what was there. So when it's full there's a lot of chuckiness and substance. So this new CT saw me getting bread sticks and saw my tray full of my 3 soups and saw that the Zuppa Toscana (sausage & potatoe soup) was really chunky. Mind you, this was from a full pot... She told me that I need to not dig from the bottom of the bowl so that when it starts to get low there will still be chunks in it. This was said very condisendingly... I looked at her and looked at the soup and told her to go look at the pot and see that I got it from the top, after mixing it. She huffed over and looked in and I could hear her say, "Oh..." under her breath. I was busy and needed to take my food out, so I left her there while I delivered my food.
My vent is this: If you deserve the promotion, kudos to you. But if you get it and treat people like they're idiots only two days after getting it, then you didn't deserve it to begin with. I am glad I'm not a CT, because honestly, I would probably let it go to my head and I don't want to be like that. I admit it. But 3 of the CTs do not deserve it and they need to step back and reacess who they think they are before going forward.
I have vented and I feel better.

Just so you know, I do love my job. I make crappy tips, but most of the people I work with are freaking awesome and I look forward to seeing them everyday. It will help me when I move to Boston because I will be able to have a job when I move there, which has been a worry.

I hope you all are doing fantastic and if you want to go out to eat at an Olive Garden, let me know and I'll go with to let you have my discount. ;)


Jason & Sally Cook said...

What's this about Boston? I guess it's been too long... since I didn't know where you were working and I didn't know you are planning on going to Boston! Let's get together!

Rebekah said...

When do you plan on moving to Boston? That will be really exciting for you and a great experience. I wish I lived in Utah so I could go to Olive Garden and leave you a big fat tip and complain about 3 nameless people working there. ;)

Jenny said...

Thanks! You gals are great! I wish I could see you both all the time.
Sally, when I get a day off, I'll come bring you the present I have for you! We do need to get together!

The Pagets in Florida said...

Wait, you still didn't tell us why you are moving to Boston... or when. Anyway, I wish you well. I can't eat any of that Olive Garden stuff anyway. My tip would be to remember some people just need to take others down to feel they have a leg up. Anna will only be 5 hours away... by car.

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