Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joseph Smith Movie

Last night for FHE, my ward trecked up to Salt Lake City to see the Joseph Smith Movie.

Since we were in different cars, so of us got there earlier than others, and some didn't even make it out of American Fork. But when we got there we all were able to find each other and make our way up to the theater.

I am a big crier so as we were walking up the stairs into the theater I saw a box of Kleenex on every corner of the railings and so I grabbed a whole box. Unbeknownst to me, everyone had been talking about getting some Kleenex to prepare for the out pooring of our fountains, when I did this. There was a big laugh and I put the box back. (After pulling out 4 for myself!)

I've seen the movie before, but I didn't remember everything. It was so great to see the life of Joseph Smith from the time he was a young boy to his death. I was overcome with emotion and those Kleenex came in handy.

I remember when I distinctly felt the truthfulness of the restoration. I was a missionary and my companion was teaching in the MTC about Joseph Smith. I have always known that he was a prophet of God and that he was the prophet of the restoration because I knew the Book of Mormon to be true and I felt that it was true, but I never really had that powerful feeling about Joseph Smith. I figured he was part of that package, so I must know all of the above.
So in the MTC my companion told us (I was in a three-some) that she didn't have a testimony of Joseph Smith. She really wanted one. How do you go about gaining a testimony of a gospel principle? Well fasting and prayer are always a good choice. But this sister did everything she could do. She bound her discussions with pictures of Joseph Smith on the cover. She would sing the hymns about him. She would pray constantly about knowing how to bear a testimony of him. She would not bear a vocal testimony until she felt like she knew it to be true, so she never taught that principle when we would teach it in the TRC, or even to each other.
Then one day, when we were walking up to the TRC (we had all the companions in one room), she asked if she could teach it. We knew what that meant, but I didn't know how much I needed it. Her testimony was simple. I gasped for air because of the power of the Spirit in the room. I even remember looking up and all of the other companionships had stopped to listen. That is when I first recognized that I knew too. Seeing this movie helped me remember that. I hope that you all will be able to see it someday. It's worth it!

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