Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Laurel Photography

My sister and her family moved to Michigan at the end of January and I haven't had a good chance to see them for a couple of months. It was still hard to get up to see them when they were in Ogden, but I was still able to see them. Now there isn't even the option and I've been feeling the emptiness of them being so far away. Luckily we have Skype and I've been able to talk to them through the net, with video feed. I turned it off right before Lynn reached up and grabbed the camera and tried to eat it. Wish I would have seen that!

So one of my sister's friends from HS lives close to her in Michigan and she is a photographer. Here are just a couple of great shots she took in a session she did on Monday.
Please go take a look at her site and leave comments on what you think, in her blog. I know none of you can take advantage of using her skills, but at least you can see what she does and be able to comment about her site on her blog. Please do so!! Please, please, please!

Look at how grown up Alyssa is getting. Crazy, huh? I was talking to her on the phone and she sounded like a grown up. She's getting to the point where she knows more than her Aunt Jenny. (Not hard!) She should totally be a child model!
And little Lynn is so big. Can you believe that she's tried to take some steps in the past few days?

When you go look at Laurel's site, on her blog she has posted a few more pictures of the girls and there is one of Lynn with her tongue sticking out. So cute. I just wish that I could me there to make her laugh.

Enjoy the photos. Hope to hear from you soon!

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