Wednesday, February 10, 2010

REVIEW: 500 Days of Summer

500 Days of Summer
released September 2, 2009


Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Tom. He is the protagonist in this film.  Living a life that he's not totally satisfied with, he dreams of one day finding "The One" who will make everything okay.  Then he meets Summer (Zooey Deschanel), who he thinks is "The One".  Tom believes that love exists, but Summer does not.  She makes it very clear at the start that she is not looking for anything serious.  During the time of their relationship Tom wants more and Summer wants less.  It's funny because eventually in the end they end up switching places.  
Tom, at first seems like he's the weak one for wanting more and seeming really needy, but it's Summer who learns from Tom.

As you see on the poster, it says, "This is not a love story.  This is a story about love."  It's very true.  Love is indeed the main focus of the film, but it's sad to see Tom's heart being broken.  I never thought guys could be so down about a broken relationship like girls are.  I'm somewhat relieved to find that out!  Each relationship we have has an effect on our lives, whether it be good or bad, but there is an effect.  In Tom's relationship with Summer, it might have ended badly for them, but they both helped each other to overcome the biggest faults in their lives and they both eventually do find love, hopefully...........

This movie had a small feel of an 80s flick with the animated bird (which only happened once in the movie), and there was a funny scene of dancing in an open quart.  It was random, yet very entertaining.  

I loved that in one scene, that there was a double shot of what Tom "expected" and another of the "reality" of what was happening.

It's so true that when we are in a relationship, we get blinded by being happy so we forget to watch for all of bad signs that keep happening.  "Blinded by love," is visualized in this film.  Love exists in the world, yet we have to focus on reality, and not focus on everything that puts our head in the clouds.  It takes work to be in every relationship, and each person must put 100% into it if they want to make it work.

The soundtrack to this film is also amazing!

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