Tuesday, February 9, 2010

REVIEW: Love Happens

Love Happens
released September 18, 2009

A really cute movie.  

Burke, Aaron Eckhart's character is a motivational speaker who deals with those who have lost a loved one.  Traveling around the country he holds workshops to help people face the deaths of loved ones.  It all stems from a book he had written about how he overcame the death of his wife.  He has avoided going to Seatle because that is where he and his wife lived before her death.  But facing her death is not something he's done, even though his book has said he has.
Based in Seatle, WA he meets a variety of people at the hotel. One of them is a woman who delivers flowers to the hotel, Eloise, Jennifer Aniston's character.  They don't click right at first, but they need each other.  Eloise has her own problems.  She always dates guys who are way beneath her, breaking her heart.  So meeting trust worthy guys is something she has no hope for.
As they get to know each other they are forced to deal with their problems.  I will let you watch the movie to see the beauty of how to overcome your trials. 

One character I loved is Walter, played by John Carroll Lynch, who is a big (no tears) construction worker who has lost his son.  He does not want to be at the workshop, but Burke helps him to face his loss and stop looking back.  I love this side story and it made my heart smile!

Another thing I loved is that Eloise has a fetish with extraordinary words.  Burke happens to find out about it and it helps them to bond.  I loved this screen play.  Hopefully you will too!

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