Thursday, February 4, 2010

REVIEW: Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes
release December 25, 2009

Films now a days have a realer feel to them because of all the hard work that goes into the design and research of what the time was really like.

This film only enhanced the realism of the time Sherlock Holmes lived.

Of course, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character, inspired by the creator, Arthur Conan Doyle's friend Joseph Bell.
Each story created gives more detail of the life of Sherlock Holmes.  Written from Watson, Holmes devoted sidekick's perspective we learn more and more about what it is like to be Sherlock Holmes.  

Only in this new vision of Sherlock Holmes do we see the life that Watson saw.  Holmes is a visionary, but some times when great men like this are inspired they take food and other necessities of life for granted until they achieve what they desire.  Read up on the original ideas from Doyle at this site.  What I love most about this film is that Holmes is not depicted as this 'put-together' guy, who I grew up with.  He has those flaws were he neglects his hygiene and refuse to go out of the house, scaring the housekeeper/landlady while working on a hand pistol (silencer).  Yet he is a man and as most men's weakness comes down to loving a woman who uses him.  Rachel Adams plays Irene Adler, Holmes love interest.  The one person who will destroy him by weakening his mind.

The antagonist, Lord Blackwood, played by Mark Strong (Stardust), who deceives to show that he is magically powerful, transforms himself into an evil man.  Fear is one of the worst possible ways to rule over someone.  Strong is amazing in his ability to secure the evilness of playing a role that will strike fear into your soul.

Holmes has a sidekick, a doctor who lives with him.  But in this film Watson is on the verge of getting married, forcing a wedge between Watson and Holmes.  Although this wedge becomes a new link to make the chain of relationships stronger for Watson and Holmes.  One new aspect I love about this depiction of the timeless story, is that Watson is portrayed as a strong sidekick who can fight.  With his background in the military, Watson is opposite of Holmes.  He is clean-cut and the strong link in the relationship, always taking care of Holmes' needs.  What's great is that this film proves that opposites attract.  Only that they work well together as a team. They depend upon each other.  They are  yin and yang.

Holmes, played by Robert Downey Jr., has proved that he can conquer any role he is given with outstanding ability.  He immerses himself into this role with a fervor that I admire.  Wow!

Watson, played by Jude Law, is also amazing.  He plays a sidekick, yet stands on his own when on screen.  It's like there are two protagonists instead of only one.

The strength of these two men only add to the timeless relationship that was created by Watson and Holmes in the written word.  What a masterful piece of film making.  As seen below, Downey and Law carry each other and yet their juxtaposition only adds to the beauty of the film.
This film will keep you on the edge of your seat with all the action, or it will have you pushing against the back of the seat with some of the action's intensity.  You will enjoy this film for ages and I hope there will be another to follow... At least that's how the movie was left open to at the end of the movie!

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